South Loop, Chicago

Exploring near the Field Museum in Chicago.

Miami Beach

Sunshine and sand.

Around Key West

Wanderings around Key West.

Key West from Above

The view of Key West from the lighthouse in town.

The Ernest Hemingway Home

When you're in Key West, visiting the Hemingway Home is an absolute must. The grounds are fantastic, especially with the many six-toed cats wandering around.

Homes of Key West

Some of the many beautiful homes in Key West, FL.

Fish and Game

Fish and Game in Hudson, NY. Super cozy for the winter.

Hudson, NY

Hudson, NY is a small town along the Hudson River a few hours north of New York City. It has that quaint small town vibe couples with an incredible variety of architecture, small shops, and restaurants.

A Bridge to Manhattan

The Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. Taken from DUMBO.

The City

NYC in its full glory.